Animal hospital pet health FAQs

Anchorage Pet Surgery

What You Need to Know Before Your Pet's Upcoming Surgery

We understand that surgery is a stressful time for pets as well as their owners. At Hillside Pet Clinic we attempt to do everything possible to make your pet’s stay safe and comfortable.

Scheduled surgeries are performed Monday through Friday, and when emergencies arise, we fit them into our schedule as necessary.

Before your pet’s surgical procedure we perform a pre-anesthetic exam and laboratory screening. An IV catheter is placed and fluids are administered. We tailor an anesthetic protocol specific to your pet to ensure its safety. Our highly trained technical staff carefully monitors heart, temperature, respiration, oxygen saturation and blood pressure throughout the procedure.

After surgery, your doctor or technician will call to let you know how your pet is recovering and to schedule a release time to discuss post-operative home care.

Frequently Asked Questions at Anchorage Animal Hospital