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Hillside Pet Clinic


At Hillside Pet Clinic we understand the important role that healthy teeth play in the overall health of any pet; therefore, much of our professional time is spent in this area. Basic care includes routine cleaning (prophylaxis) for dogs and cats.

Advanced Dentistry

At Hillside Pet Clinic, we have been providing advanced dentistry for over 25 years, including endodontics, orthodontics and oral surgery. Whether your dog or cat requires braces to correct tooth alignment or has a cracked tooth that needs a root canal, we can do it! Advanced care for cats and dogs also includes vital pulpotomies, restorative dentistry, and complicated surgical extractions. We utilize state of the art intra-oral digital radiography to perform many of these procedures. We have had an interest in and have emphasized this area of practice for over 25 years.

Exotic -Small Mammal Dentistry

Guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchillas can have serious threats to their health from overgrown teeth. We have the equipment and expertise to handle these concerns properly.

Dental Disease Prevention

Your pet's dental health is an important part of his or her overall health. Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats in the United States. Dental health problems can lead to more serious conditions such as infections and heart or kidney disease. Many pets with untreated dental disease suffer from chronic pain and premature aging (often acting older than they should). Some symptoms which can indicate serious dental problems include bad breath, plaque build-up, gum irritation and redness, loose teeth, tooth discoloration and swelling in the jaw area.

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends annual oral examinations after the pet is a year old. Dental cleanings for adult dogs are performed under general anesthesia. In addition to regular exams and cleanings, there are some things you can and should do to help promote good dental health in your pet. Feeding your pet a hard, kibble-type pet food, providing appropriate chew toys and brushing his teeth are just a few ways to keep your pet's teeth healthy in between professional cleanings.

Dental disease can be easily prevented by visiting your veterinarian regularly for dental examinations and cleanings.